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Buenos Aires

Three things about Buenos Aires and an encounter in a bank

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Three things you should know about Buenos Aires
[list]Buenos Aires is huge.17 million people live there

[*]Its noisy and very busy (all the time)

[*]Its known as the Paris of South America ( it isn't because Paris is in Europe and is more attractive)

Because we are travelling through Bolivia, Peru and Chile our guides suggested that we change some of our dollars into small amounts of these currencies to get us through border controls until we can change larger amounts. This seemed sensible sowe began looking for a bank that could do this for us, leading to an interesting 6 hours working out the Argentinian Banking system.( with very little Spanish)

Eventually we found the Banco Piano which exchanged dollars for all those currencies.(not many of the banks do this for some reason). After waiting in a queue (Argentinians do queues like us i.e. they love them).We found that we had to book in at the reception first and wait to be directed to a queue. This we did and then spent an hour changing the currency helped by one of the most patient bank clerks I've ever come across. All the time we were being dealt with ( and there were five of us ) an Argentian woman stood in the queue behind us and patiently waited,despite us gesturing to her to come to the front!! Thats professional queue waiting of the highest standard !!

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Northumberland to Buenos Aires

The Long Way There

Quite Interesting

The journey was long and we owe friends and family a great big thankyou. In the end we had no option but to take the decision to go from Madrid. Our flight from Heathrow was cancelled at 3.00pm on Saturday and within 20 minutes we had booked the flight with Iberia from Madrid,the ferry from Portsmouth to St Malo and a hire car one way to Madrid. A friend Allan Taylor ( thanks very very much) said we could take his car to Milton Keynes and he would drive it back. Once there Caroline Stephenson (sister in law) said she would take us to Portsmouth(again many many thanks).

Setting off from home at 8.30am we eventually arrived in Portsmouth at 6.30 pm well in time for the overnight ferry. We had been contacted by David Roberts a fellow rider and we arranged to meet him at Portsmouth to share the car to Madrid.

After a couple of pints, steak and chips and a good nights sleep we arrived in St Malo at 8.30 on Monday in time to pick up the hire car. We were fortunate that the chanel was like a mill pond overnight. Then it was the long long drive through France to the centre of Spain arriving in Madrid Airport after a trouble free journey at 2.30 am on Tuesday.

Although Madrid airport is enormous it only has about two seats and both of those were taken. This meant passing the 7 hours until checkin with a very uncomfortable sleep in a overloaded Astra hire car. Still we'd got there without a single hitch.

The last part of the journey went equally smoothly consisting of a 12 hour flight to Buenos Aires where we arrived at 8.15pm BA time.

I have no idea how long we were travelling niether of us can be bothered to add it up, but it seemed like forever! However, we are here safe and sound and are now waiting to pick up our bikes.

Random Thoughts

We are knackered!!!!

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New Plans

A plan is only good until the moment you put it into action

Quite Interesting

Well BA have cancelled our flight tomorrow so plan B is in operation. This involves travelling down to Portsmouth tomorrow to catch the overnight ferry to St Malo where we are renting a car to drive the 741 miles to Madrid. From there we will catch a flight to Argentina kindly provided for us by Iberia Airways.

Lists and travel data

Adds two more countries to our trip and another 1,000 miles

Cliche Corner

Every cloud has a silver lining

[b][u]Random Thoughts

April and I are puddled and stressed out !!!

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Still waiting

hoping the dust settles quickly

Well its looking increasingly unlikely that we will be flying tomorrow. We've spent most of today(in fact all of today) looking at and considering alternatives. One consideration is to get to Madrid and fly from there but this is proving a logistical nightmare!

In the meantime I have been considering how to set up this blog. Now most blogs that I have read have been interesting in parts but pretty long winded and boring in other parts. So.. I've decide to categorise my entries as follows:
Interesting Bits
Quite Interesting Bits
Boring Bits
Quite Boring Bits
List and Travel Data ( This is really boring)
Cliche Corner
Random Thoughts
That way those of you who don't have much time/interest/or attention span can skip the bits they don't want to read

Anyway,now I've distracted myself for ten minutes I should go back to trying to get to Argentina

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waiting for the dust to settle

After spending nearly two years preparing and waiting for this trip we are now waiting to see if our flights to Buenos Aires on the 18th have been postponed because of the Volcanic dust clouds that have grounded all flights in the UK.
An unpronouncible volcano has erupted in Iceland spewing dust into the air at around 18,000 feet making it dangerous for aircraft to fly.
A decision is going to be made at 0100 tomorrow by the CAA as to whether flights will be allowed on Saturday

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